Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Amadis House

Amadis House

Thank you for showing your concern those who have not heard from me for a while.

I will try and make an effort to write as much as I can now that there are computers at both ends, here at Amadis house and on the side street of Tyler Street. Now if only Tyler from the rock band Aerosmith could be there in real hee hee.

I'm still at the Amadis house as I call it, my partner's house based on Amadis road.

It's a bohemian artistic house full of artistic souls. My escape place where I can think, be creative, have a bit of a back garden growing herbs and other plants. It's a sanctuary for the soul, the artistic soul.

This morning was cold and raining, I knew from the magic of rainwater how much more the plants would grow with even a few more shoots. It was nice to see a bit of a tonic.

Only for about an hour in the afternoon did the sun shine through. It's still cold.

I asked for my leather thimble to be stuck on with the plaster so that I could quilt. Just my strange way of quilting technique. Every artist and crafts-person has their own way of doing things.

Thankfully my middle finger didn't hurt as much with the splinter from gardening the day before, "OUCH!" Oh my quilting finger, "Oh no!"...... I thought.Later in the evening I pulled out the keyboards to have a play on an old song I wrote years ago. I obviously need to practise for quite a few months with the sound of things.

It's a good job all the dogs don't take any notice.
This is a picture I dug out from my portfolio on mixed media meditation perfect to symbolise this place here of Amadis House.

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