Friday, 27 April 2007

Plants on Thursday

Gosh I keep thinking it's Sunday goodness knows why, maybe because my watch keeps slowing down and it's so blissfully quiet here at Amadis House.

With the help of my wonderful partner we have been planting new plants in the garden which has been fun. Some new seedlings arrived from a nursery company of Delphiniums and Can Can pansies. These plants have got quite a few weeks to go yet before they grow bigger and give out wonderful flowers. I've put them in for a purpose to paint them and draw them into my paintings in the future, you name it watercolours, tapestries and even quilt ideas. When the weather gets warmer with out it getting too cold, it should be nice to quilt out there too. From an empty barren, spare lifeless small garden, bit by bit I have been putting plants in.

I managed to buy a card table from a charity shop so that I can rest my quilting hoop on the table while quilting and bought over my daylight lamp so that I can see. As you know quilting just like the garden is a long time process.
I have included a needlepoint bag here which I had made, using a mixture of hand dyed wools and wools already with colour in. I drew the design on the canvas and gosh this took months and months to do but well worth the effort to have a wonderfully hand made bohemian bag.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Your bag is stunning! Great job, I'd almost choose not to use it for fear of it wearing out or getting dirty from use... but then, on the other hand, it's too pretty not to! What a dilemma...

joyce said...

The bag is wonderful. I hope you are brave enough to use it because it shouldn't spend it's days in a dark cupboard where nobody can see it.