Saturday, 28 April 2007

Hand quilting back In Motion

Remember the huge lime green quilt that I posted earlier showing my first few images of hand quilting, I have decided to tackle this quilt again after a long break. I set up my card table in the corner of the bedroom and my daylight lamp. Hand quilting went into motion and gosh I felt such an amatuer again but I suppose with lots and lots of practise and without having to peep at the back too much,stitches will improve and I will get into the flow of it more. Im going to ask my partner if he can kindly take me to some quilting shops in this area of Leics. I do not know any quilting shops in this county at all!!! so I'm going to make some enquiries

I need to get some more leather thimbles, I do not get on with the metal ones and the tiny one that I do have keep slipping off unless I strap some micropore round it. Also it would be good to have a look at the quilting shops in this county and see if there is a quilting group in this area.


joyce said...

You definitely need to find quilitng shops wherever you are! My friend made me several leather thimbles but I'd like an enameled one. Someone on a blog said they are the best kind and pretty too.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Hang in there, yes practice and support (as in groups or a shop) are vital. I use a Tailor's thimble for hand quilting, it's metal but open on the top... (I push the needle from the side) but started with a leather thimble until I was poking through that... ouch!