Sunday, 29 April 2007

Thimble, Thimble

Hooray!! at last after searching through Leics town I managed to find an open topped Tailors
metal thimble. The heat throughout the day was hot and getting hotter that I had to get a floppy sun hat from the charity shop, this made Saturday an enjoyable day. Towards the end of the day
the weather did get really cold again and I was worried about my new plants in the garden, but there were nothing to worry about all the plants survived.
Sunday was also interesting I dragged my partner out to a car boot sale determined to find some plant pots for the quite bare garden. We did find a few unusual pots, things like this makes it all extra special in finding unusual colourful items. My favourite item was the rainbow pot, so lovely with the mint standing in the middle. I managed to get a felt quilting kit for 50p, I thought the pattern would be good too done in dyed cottons one day. Hope everyone is having fun everywhere else!!

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