Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Rain, more rain and soggy soil!

Soggy Soil

I thought what an earth shall I put for the title and came with what describes perfectly the last few days. "SOGGY-SOIL". The last few days has been pelting it down with rain. I know the land and the plants, all living things need the rain so I cannot complain too much. Moments when the rain clouds wanted a breather, I dashed out and planted some plants, looking round at what needed doing and nurturing. I have never had a garden before so this is all new and exciting to me. Slowly bit by bit the plants are growing and the seeds in little seed-trays germinating. Ive been pondering round with the idea can Sunflower seeds be planted in buckets with holes in? as the back garden is really a patio garden with not much soil to plant things in but plenty of room for tubs and containers. I did phone a garden centre but with my deafnessGRRR

could not hear what the lady was saying, so I shall have a look round some websites.

I have been doing a bit of needlepoing work which I am really pleased with. I drew freehand the leaf shapes and patterns on the canvas and used all odd bits of wool in mixtures of purples and yellows. When this needlepoint design has grown a bit moreI will take a photo and show everyone. Hope everyone is having fun still and not working too hard.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Looking forward to seeing your needlepoint masterpiece. I'm not sure about sunflowers in buckets, but~ nothing ventured...

Ruth's Place said...

I'm not a great gardener, but I don't see why the buckets wouldn't work if they were deep enough.