Wednesday, 16 May 2007

More Soggy Soil and Seeds

After doing alot of researching and asking around quite a few people, I decided that I will plant some sunflowers in some buckets but Im going to grow the seedlings indoor first as the weather just been non stop rain for the last couple of days. I had been busy planting seeds in seed trays to germinate on the windowsills. The seeds planted, are a mixture of different sunflowers and some Hollyhocks, so fingers crossed that in a couple of weeks they will start to sprout up. I have at last posted the image of the needlepoint cushion front which I had been working on for a very long time now.
Remember I had to design and work round the images already there.
I designed the flames, the pyramid in the middle with the sun, the yin-yang and the moon.
Noticed the tiny little specks are stars done with crystalized beads. Ive still got a few more beads to sew on then the cushion will have to be stretched.
As I look out of the window the rain is just absolutely throwing it down bucketsful. I did get a bit concerned about all the plants and when not raining went out to check what damage had been done. A clematis plant looked a bit battered and needed a helping hand to be tied to some bamboo cane. I had to put a plaster round the damaged stalky bit, I remembered this tip from watching my mother nursing wind-blown and rain pelted plants. I have been stitching with the needle today Im pleased to say.... Ive been working on yet another new design in needle-point hand drawn onto canvas. I will take a picture of this and show everyone.
Happy Quilting... stitching and gardening everyone.

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Those crystal sparkles are just amazing, your needlepoint is stunning. I hope the rain eases off and the sunshine brings forth some lovely warm days and blue skies soon. We could use a few of your bucketsful here, it's been too dry this Spring! Isn't that always the way? Feast or famine...