Friday, 25 May 2007

Tapestry Of A Garden

I HAVE BEEN WORKING REALLY HARD IN THE GARDEN TRYING TO GET THE SEEDS LOVINGLY SOWN AND PLANTS REPLANTED THAT NEEDED DOING. The plan on the clay patch came out a really big disappointment. The naughty slugs and snails and what ever else ate all the Delphiniums, yes not one plant left. I was bit upset about this but I had to remind myself well you win some and you lose some in gardening. I decided to let this patch go wild with poppies and wait and see what happens. There are no end of cornflower seeds there too, one sunflower plant is happily growing with lovely rich green leaves, very slowly getting stronger and growing more leaves. I'm nursing a load of sunflower seeds in seed trays as I'm not going to let all my hard work go to waste again. When the little seedlings get strong enough, the sunflower seedlings are then replanted to bigger pots. I'm enjoying this and it is keeping me busy. The sunflower seeds are my little kids… I bring them out in the day then bring the seed trays back indoors for the night away from the naughty slugs and insects until they are big and strong enough for what ever life throws at them. Soon it will be bank holiday weekend, the weather men have predicted rain and wind so I thought I had better make the most of the little gardening jobs that needed doing for now.
I begged my poor partner Jim to make me a hexagon for my patchwork. I used to have a few hexagon shapes around my home and do you know what,,,, when you need something you can never find it. Good old Jim did do me a nice hexagon, not too big just the right size to play around with. I would like to work on a patchwork coat… it may take me years to make Ha ha, now don’t all patchwork projects eh?.
This idea all started from this amazing woman walking into the patchwork shop with her own handiwork of a hexagon patchwork coat. I looked in absolute awe… it was so beautiful and it’s an image I will remember for a very long time and this has certainly inspired me to have a go at making my own patchwork coat.l
I have bought a bag of patchwork material with me to cut up and play around with of turquoises and hints of gold blending into faded inks and greens all gorgeous colours that would even get Monet dribbling at the mouth if he saw these colours.
Last night I was extremely pleased with my cooking as I had used herbs which I had grown from the garden into sauces and got the full thumbs up from those who had late supper. Though I have lettuce growing in pots I refuse to chop these up and eat them as the damn slugs have been crawling all over them. I thought to myself well at least its greenery growing which makes it a nice sight in slightly empty places on the patio bed. When not in the garden I have been sitting as snug as a bug on the satee next to my lurchers Scratch and Alice stitching on a needlepoint which I have designed myself. I will show everyone my handiwork in progress when I can get someone to take a photo for me.
Hope everyone is well I have been thinking about you all. I have included an image of the garden which I have been working so hard to get all the plants cared for ect.

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