Saturday, 26 May 2007

Plastic Bottles and Prayers

Me and Raj my 15 year old talented star helped to get loads of plastic bottles cut in half and holes melted in with an old screw driver so that the sunflower seeds have some protection when the naughty rain and wind will bash down. The sunflower seedlings are not ready to be strong enough to fend off the weathers yet too big to live on the kitchen windowsills so a helping hand was needed from Nutbud and Raj to get the protectors going. Already the skies have gone dark and little droplets of rain here and there at 1.30pm. Now are the weather forecasters going to get it wrong? they said the weather is going to get rougher soon..... OUCH! I have asked my partner to nip me to the garden centre to get some protector mesh for the hanging baskets which looks a bit like white interfacing except it protects plants from fierce weathers, the wind and the rain when the weather gets tough that is. I have worked so hard to look after these little seedlings they are like my little kiddies, now is the time for them to live outdoors after spending quite a while bringing them in and nursing them..... I sound nutters don't I?

Im thankful for my special little lamp that allows me to see when it gets dark to do my stitching, Im going to get the family to help out to cut out hexagon shapes and draw round the material for me ...all fun fun fun hee hee.

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