Monday, 28 May 2007

Never Ending Rain

Rain Never ending Rain

Well the weather forecasters on the telly was right when they mentioned that the weather was going to be bad. The weather has been cold wet and windy, for those that are going away for the bank holiday weekend they face a miserable time outdoors, unless they have managed to be warm indoors.
I bought out the old rag rug to try hooking, Ive been cutting strips of old bedding material while my partner jim has been cutting the strips using the wooden binder for guidance which is like a small block of wood with two grooves to guide the scissors. It’s nice when you can do things together craftwise with your beloved and family. There’s one good thing….. I don’t have to get the hosepipe on the garden with all this rain that we are having. Already the plants have grown another inch with all the rain that we have had. Last night we bought two gorgeous new clematis plants which were too lovely to just leave there at the garden centre. As the rain bashed down for the rest of the evening it was time to get out my keyboard and record some rough versions of a song, oh a soppy love song or a smoochie... one of those slow dancing songs, down on track. I was very please with this nice slow love song, I was well writing lyrics til one, funny how inspiration hits you that way. I was talking to my partner about how would I perform live if I ever had that chance? this was a difficult subject as being deaf my ears would not be able to cope under normal circumstances of a live band with too much music so it would have to be cleverly worked on and just my own little shows put on with a clever engineer and my partner signing me about the timing and and everything. This is something for well into the future, I would love to perform on stage one day though I am ouch 36 but one day I will do it. ;)
Look at Beethoven, people seem to forget he was deaf.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Don't give up, you are very courageous!

YankeeQuilter said...

Hasn't the rain been just too much! I know the plants need it but couldn't we get one day of sunshine?!

Anyway, it has been a great weekend for old movies, quilting and rug hooking!