Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Sunshine Only Just

I have been practising on the keyboards now that I have the songwriting bug again, and wow the sun is shining. For quite a while I stopped playing the keyboard because I lost my confidence over everything that had anything to do with music as people just laughed when they heard of a deaf person playing music. I had tried about three to four years ago to work with bands, play with bands. At first no matter how many auditions I went to I just could not get in a band.

I either wasn't what the band was looking for, the band either wanted someone much more slimmer than me and younger. You name it any excuse they could throw at me.

So I tried to form my own band and gosh..... I never got as far as performing outside the rehearsal rooms, just jammed like hell with other musicians. Slowly the other musicians let me down, they either had other bands, other commitments other things to do then suddenly there were no band players.. it was a long hard slog. I had so many people letting me down and naturally I got really upset and felt rejected about this so gave music a break completely. At that time I had sent out hundreds and hundreds of demos. Did I get any reply from anywhere? NO!!

I have just started picking up the pen again to write lyrics and started playing the keyboard again. What I'm doing at the moment is just practising and practising as long as i get the rhythm OK and keep plonking away I am fine. In a few days I'm hoping to get the rest of the recording done on one track then I can download this on UTUBE they you will be able to see and hear what I have written. I am now realising that I am what I am and that I am unique and different with being a deaf musician trying. I have no hearing aid at all in my left ear as there is nothing in my ear that pick any sound at all there. In my right ear with the help of a hearing aid I can hear some-things, not all of it just some things. My ambition is to have a go at playing live on stage which will be a huge challenge so there fore I'm just practising and practising again and building up my confidence. When my partner comes home from work I show Jim the lyrics what I have written and discussed ideas how it could be performed adding guitar ideas on top of the keyboards and playing the drum noises on the music programme producer we have on the computer. So what I am deaf..... so what yes I'm not exactly thin or slim but isn't it about music to enjoy listening? and enjoying the creative aspects behind it? I can't have music too heavy otherwise my hearing aids go on strike and cut out, so I have been writing simpler melodies and songs my along the lines like Nina Simone and bluesy.


Quilt Memories said...

What inspiration you are, keep your Faith, the musicians will discover what you are all about one day and come knocking on your door.The flowers are going to be beautiful in a very short time, and that will surely lift your spirits. As I was always told, All things come to those that wait. Hang in there!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for visiting my blog, lets continue to communicate, I love making new friends.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You have God-given talents and more courage than most. The only limits are those that are self-imposed. I am so happy that you have gone back to what you love, hang in there!