Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Storms In The Night

Storms In The Night

All teatime yesterday I had felt very yucky and sickly with headaches, and a strange heavy feeling that would not go away. I normally only get these before a storm, before a very bad storm in other words. The winds picked up, the skies changed a strange colour and the air felt humid. I kept saying to myself don’t be silly I must of eaten something that didn’t suit my stomach a little earlier. My other half said not to bother watering the garden as lots and lots of rain will follow throughout the night, I just did not believe him. In the end the other half was right, the drops of rain started to fall and I ran out frantically in the garden to cover the baskets with protection mesh to protect them as best as I could from the fierce storm on it’s way. Golly I felt like the family on The Wizard Of Oz just before the storm battling with the wind and rain before the weather got heavier and freakier. The baskets got covered just in time, we just had to shut the door to the garden, watch and wait as the rain pounded down and cookies cooked in the oven. The rest of the evening was spent downloading photos from my digital camera and using a special photo workshop to correct the colours and make the pictures more decent. Even after all this time taking photos I am still practising and still battling with trying to get the right shots though the camera does enjoy playing games with me and giving me a challenge. I have uploaded an image from my garden which I’m quite pleased with. I’m hoping to replant the Nemesia seedlings today and carry on painting the New Age T-shirt for Jim.
I will have a look round all the blogs, I have got a lot of catching up to do.


mamaspark said...

Hi Faith,
You didn't leave your email address so I'm responding here. Yes, we found the cat...she was hiding in the oven! Kelsey's mouth is healing really well. She is eating normal food and her jaw is just a little sore. Stop by and visit any time! Your dogs are adorable!!

Quilt Pixie said...

we too had a doozy of a storm last night -- lost power for more than 5 hours! Good thing I don't need a lot of electricity to sleep :-)

Laurie Ann said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Love the pooches hanging out in the garden. They look happy. Big dogs!!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The strawberries are beautiful. You could earn tons of money predicting the weather... it sounds as though you have a very effective built in barometer.

greenfield007 said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. :-)

I was reading through some of your latest blogs and found this interesting. Mrs. Goodneedle is right... you could earn tons predicting the weather.