Monday, 25 June 2007

More Rain

Strong winds blowing the net curtains inward woke me up from my slumbers at five this morning. The winds were strong and the rain pounding down with a never ending monsoon downfall. I just could not get back to sleep so had a bath and took the dogs out for a walk at six in the morning. You should say we all had a shower.

I decided to bring out my large bed quilt which I tucked away a few months ago as I had so many other projects on the go. I found a plastic snap frame which I found is brilliant for quilting on, I got on with this better than the round large quilt frame. I could not find my flamboyant quilting thread so made do with some tinted faded quilting thread and it looked really nice. The company is by Gutterman with ivory pastels blending into other pastels, I cannot remember where I got this from.

Come dinner time I tried to head out for another walk with the dogs but the rain was so heavy we all turned back, Noah will be having to build his ark again in this weather.

Im hoping the rivers don't flood again, my flat won't be affected as I am on a slight slope but the floods do alot of damage elsewhere. In my notebook after reading Mamapark's idea. I decided to write a word or a sentence each day to put on a line of cream or white fabric in a block.

Im not sure what the size has to be yet but I love this idea of a quilt with words. 365 days quilt? I'm not sure but it sounds like a fun project as I have loads of creams and white bits of cotton around with helping out in a charity shop.

I have included a picture of my wonderful hounds.



Laurie Ann said...

Love the picture of your pups!! What kind of hounds are they?

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Your pups are fantastic. I hope the rains have let up and Noah can put his building tools away. Good luck on the 365 challenge!

mamaspark said...

The dogs are great. We just got some much needed rain here. Did you recieve my email about the 365 challenge quilt info? If not, let me know and I will re-send the link.