Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Give The Dog A Bone

At last a small bit of money went into the bank which enabled me to buy some green paint for the studio. All four dogs got a bone from the pet shop and the cat in the studio got a new cat bed and a blanket though I have not seen her use it yet.
Isis the old cat will wait while no one is looking then she will get in the basked (she-might).
I have not done any patchwork apart from drawing a star pattern which was on the wall on a poster which I thought would look excellent on a quilt block. I got some tracing paper and drew round the outlines, when the tracing was placed on the table I then had fun with the ruler criss-crossing the lines. This will be another quilt project in the future but I can only use paper templates and fold the fabric over the edge sewing old fashioned way. I just can’t work with the sewing machine sewing bits straight off, everything takes time with me to get things straight.
While looking through the net for some Egyptian ideas I came across the star image very similar to what I had been drawing and playing around with, if I can upload the image you will get a rough idea what I mean.

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