Sunday, 23 September 2007

Darn!! Mistakes Do Happen

I certainly do not call myself a professional quilter, just an absolute amateur learner.
I would imagine it takes loads and loads of practising over and over again to get blocks, sewing and colours perfect. Though my first four blocks came together like a dream the other blocks had odd colours sewn in by mistake. Arhhh how did that happen? Tapping my head in frustration. Oh well at least one set of four blocks will go towards a cushion for my bum to sit on while I continue to practise and practise and (sigh) so other quilters make mistakes too?. Maybe twenty quilts later I will say okay,,,, I'm happy with that, a gold star for Nutbud.

I have enclosed a picture of my first block of quilts, this will be used as a cushion to sit on for my quilting chair to practise with, the other pieces I will keep trying til they get perfect though it may take time. I have run out of whites and creams so this will be a great excuse to get to the quilting shop in a few weeks.

Meanwhile I have been whitewashing the walls in the music studio white,ready for the second coat of paint on Tuesday which will be green. There always is a great feeling of new beginnings when painting and decorating painting out the past and great new paths ahead. My quilting creative table is in the dining room which overlooks the garden and birdbath. Also is a picture of a graveyard in a wonderful setting in the English countryside where all my past relatives are buried going back two hundred years. There was nothing glamorous about their lives, they were poor hard working farm labourers with no comfort and rarely lived over fifty. I would of loved to of known if they did any quilting or sewing, but often my dad told me they never had time what with having to look after large families, no taps for water, just a well and no toilet, gosh we don't always realise how lucky we are today.


andsewitis Holly said...

Hi Faith, I love cemeteries. How special that you can go to one where your ancestors are buried since you can trace your lineage back a ways.

I love the colors in your log cabin blocks! Looking good. Thanks for stopping by my place :)

Tanya said...

Yes, I too thought your blues a marvelous combination when I saw your block. Practice makes you a quilter!

mamaspark said...

I LOVE your colour choices!! Practice does make closer to perfect, LOL. I just layed out an entire quilt only to decide I hated it and had to start over!!