Friday, 21 September 2007

hey friday

That Friday Feeling

I could of slept for England in the morning but quilts galore were on my mind.
I had bought down the baby quilt to work on in Amadis house. The centre squares for the log cabins in yellow have already been put in place, the wonderful strips all cut so now it’s time for Zola the sewing machine to get into action.
I did try to take some photos yesterday of the fabrics but eek my camera battery had gone flat so I’m going to borrow Jim’s camera to take photos showing the baby quilt in progress. I’m looking forward to the weekend, the music room, studio is needing a sorting out to sort out the rubbish. The walls need whitewashing, and loads of things to go in the bin or go to a huge rubbish dump.
It’s amazing how your mind wanders onto UFO projects first thing when you wake up in the morning. I have several UFO projects at home in closets waiting to be worked on. I had either gone off the colour scheme, the project was too hard and long, or simply I had not had time to work on these quilt tops. I am getting inspired again, now that the weather is chillier at night times and evenings are indoors all cosy hand quilting. I tend to quilt in the day in glorious natural light. I have been reading lots of blogs catching up on all my quilting friends and leaving messages. It is helping me to be inspired to quilt again as I do not know many quilters around to see or talk to face to face especially down Amadis House way. Up in Sheffield there is a favourite quilt shop that I go to and if I am there I do go to the quilt group on the Tuesday and let them know what I’m doing and see what wonderful quilt all the quilting buddies are doing.

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Kim said...

thanks for stopping by my blog.
I would love to see the baby quilt.
If you really want to learn cathedral windows it's quite easy and I wrote a PDF of the lesson I taught at last years retreat. They take a TON of fabric but so easy to do once you get the hang of it.
If you're interested in the pdf , let me know as I don't like to send emails with attachments w/o the person knowing what it is.
Have a wonderful weekend :)