Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Quarters In The Wind

Quarters In The Wind

My balcony looked cheerful with the colourful fat quarters blowing in the wind to be dried.

I left my flat quite happy, but as soon as I boarded the bus, the rain just poured it down and I was worried about the fat quarters incase the colours ran.

Thankfully there were no colour runs.

This evening I've to iron and cut the fabrics and have fun.

You forget about the dark, the cold, not a pound coin in your pocket when you absorb yourself in lovely patchwork fabrics,the cutting, sewing, the stitching setting you in a dreamlike trance.

Only quilters know that magical feeling.

I could not afford the Popular Patchwork magazine today so had a peep in the newsagent at the colourful mag.

It looks good, whenI've a spare couple of pounds left I may get a copy and drool over the quilts and the wowsa fabrics.

My trip to town was suppose to be for the purpose of going to the post office but all post offices had terrible queues about a mile long, so decided to ditch the idea and head back home as I was beginning to geta headache throb syndrome.

My plan for sewing a strip a day went out the window as some strips are taking a little longer than a day and night to put together.

Oh well, everything takes time.

I have read in one quilting book that after about two to three hours on hand stitching and concentrated patchwork, quilting ,that it is a must to take a break have a nap, tea break what ever,then go back to the subject otherwise it would get very tedious and mistakes happen.

The author is right there, I do have to stop and take a break.

I'm grateful for my hounds to be able to take them for quick walkies and go for some fresh air away from my sewing.

Loud bangers of fireworks are going off left right and centre by kids getting excited for the upcoming Guyfawkes night, November the 5th.

The bangers are so loud they upset my dogs so the baby gate is up in the bedroom to stop the hounds jumping on my bed, digging up all the covers and little accidents.

They dont normally do this,only when greatly distressed.

I have a small bottle of herbal rescue remedy which works like magic when they are upset.

In the photo you can see a little star, this is a template I will be using to draw round when trying to cut out the batik.

The picture is part of my little personal temple with candles, stones and crystals,my angel and spirit guide altar I call it.

Well more stitching has to be done and ironing so I better go now.

Happy Quilting!!Nutbudx

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mamaspark said...

Gosh, Faith, I hope you get to feeling better soon!!