Friday, 2 November 2007

Batik Stars

Painted Batik Stars

It was time start work on the backing cloth for the lap quilt.

The large sheet was washed and pressed and golly this took a long time.

Next, was drawing round the stars template with a special pen that fades when you spray water.

Stars were painted using a special batik paint by the company Dylon,which is suppose to be just as good when you don't have a hot wax pot and the special tools.

Of course, I will let you know what I think of this method when completed,

and will certainly take you through the step by step process on how I'm doing things and if it works.

A bit of yellow gold was added to the batik paint as I wanted a bit of a pale tint so that I could see.

This is a very long process as I had to pull out my old card table which I use for painting on.

The batik paint takes quite a while to dry and smelly, so it was lucky that my card table was the okay size to fit in my hallway while the batik painting is in process.

I paint the size of the card-table, wait for all the stars in that area to dry, then pull the next lot of cloth over and paint the next lot of stars. This may take another two to three days, I have to fix the batik paste with the iron then dip the cloth in cold water Dylon dye which will be exciting I can't wait for that process.

You can see it's still patchwork mayhem with my lap tray showing all the pieces I'm working on, theres now another four strips to do.

You will also see a picture of Scratch determined to get her settee no matter what cost even if it means laying on mummy's pieces of patchwork.
" I don't care!" says Scratch.. "This settee is mine, mine mine!"


swooze said...

Love your quilting assistant! Thanks for stopping by.

Angela said...

You might want to delete and republish your pictures on the last post honey. They are not showing! And I wanna see. LOL

Kim said...

oh scratch is so cute. You have to let me know how your paint works. I batik the old fashioned way- well except I use and old electric skillet for the wax . I need to try using the stamps and see if they work, I got a bunch at the quil show last year or the year before.
I really like your scrap quilt also. One day I'll make that pattern too - of course I have a million patterns I want to do in this lifetime....
have a great weekend

Granny Fran said...

Your lap quilt is going to be so beautiful; I love that scrap pattern that looks like cut off hexagons (which are a weakness of mine). Does this pattern have a name?
Thanks for your nice comment on my June 12 x 12 on Quilt Studio. Aren't those horses wonderful? I was so happy to get that photo of them running.

mamaspark said...

Make sure Scratch plays nice with mum's quilt now! I can't wait to see how your experiment turns out! Keep us posted!