Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Quilting Memories

Now that I have some anti- biotics from the doctors. hopefully I should feel better with my chest infection, and ear infection. When not sleeping or walking the dogs, I have been hand-piecing bits towards my mum's lap quilt.In the new year my mum will be going in hospital to have a new knee joint so I have been stitching like mad to get the first two rows done. there is alot of work to be done but I'm determined my mum is going to get this lap quilt even if it means grey bags under my eyes from lack of sleep.With this naughty chest infection my routine has been, to bed a bit, the up to quilt a bit, tablets, back to bed a bit.I have been researching on the quilt web sites of shops round the UK and have learnt new word....Moda jelly rolls, i did wonder what an earth are these? they sound fun.Maybe if I'm a good girl for Santa, father Christmas will get me one on Christmas morning.I popped an old quilting video on and found that the sound had completely disappeared, well it is a really old demonstration quilt video. i realise now things have come a long way since thirteen years ago.We have the DVD, we have the quilt designer though i don't have one of those yet, (too many UFOS).
Mine is when I was about seven or a little older, my mum took me to an Industrial museum in Sheffield where years ago they used to have craft demonstrations. Right at the back of the Abbeydale Industrial hamlet, there was a woman in Victorian clothing making a patchwork quilt with pieces. i looked in awe at this woman and this wonder craft and remember my mum saying to me"Look you can make one of those, that's how you do it, let that lady show you!".That was thirty years ago, it was one of the first inspired little memories of patchwork and quilting that has always been in my mind and it was not until my twenties when I really got into quilting and wanted to learn more about it. I always thought it was too hard to learn.It's all fun and that's what it should be.

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

My first quilting memories are of a patchwork pillow that I saw in a magazine and with no instructions whatsoever I set out to make it. Let's say the resulting pillow was less than stellar! (But we used it on our sofa for years!)