Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Scrap Fabrics Of Memories

Scrap Fabrics Of Memories

I have not been posting anything for a few days on my blog because I have been busy stitching away on my mum's lap quilt.

All the blocks were hand sewn together, now this is only one half of the quilt.

I have included some photos of me holding the half done quilt and the back of it closed up.

This is called English Paper Piecing technique.

I'm now working on all the other blocks cutting fabrics out of stash and fabrics dragged out of boxes from years ago.

My two packets never arrived.

I did get back in contact with the patch- work shops and they said they would send another packet of fat quarters.

While cutting away at some of my favourite fabrics, alot of memories came to life in where these little bits came from.

From old blouses, old dresses, fabric shops at that time in another country somewhere, interesting little bits of memory.

My chest is slowly on the mend, I'm having to still take loadsa painkillers and not go out as much, but all good excuse to do some patchwork.

Thank you Mamas Park for the pumpkin idea I am now saving all little black bits, and dark bits for a jack'o lantern idea.I have been thinking about you all and I will catch up on reading everyone's blog in the next few days.


Susan Freebery said...

This is magnificent! I love the fabric selection and the method is intriguing. Well done, Faith!

Colleen Eskridge said...

Faith, your quilt is beautiful...can't wait to see the finished product. Well done.Have seen the technique used...but never had patience to do it. You go girl! Colleen

mamaspark said...

This is great! I LOVE it and your mum will too!!

Nikki said...

Beautiful quilt. It is so special to see fabrics that are filled with memories. I'm sure your mom will treasure it.