Monday, 15 October 2007

The Growing Lapquilt

The Lapquilt Is Growing!!

The old wicker basket in the corner of my living room had a good clear out to make room for my patchwork fabrics and projects.

This shows how my material stash and patchwork projects are growing.

My parcel of fat quarters still have not arrived which is a worry.

There has been two trips down to the sorting post office and they keep saying because of the postal strikes that have been happening the parcel will either be lost or delayed somewhere.

It has been a frustrating time.

I have been working hard on the lap quilt, cutting out bits of material and paper bits for templates.

I'm pleased to say the strips are growing very slowly.

I have taken some photos to show the progress of them Over the weekend I purchased two patchwork magazines.

Popular Patchwork and the American, Canadian magazine Mc calls quilting magazine which had some fabulous quilt design inside which yes one day I want to have ago at making.

Patterns and ideas are valuable for ideas and inspiration.

Due to having chest infection in the last two weeks, my ribs are really sore and painful as if I have pulled loads of muscles.

To cough or to laugh with the ribs just about put you in tears with the pain.

I know the doctor will say just rest and let time be a healer for those sore ribs, so this is a good excuse to sit and quilt.

Bob Dylan sang songs in the background on the telly while I cut out loads of material and paper, I did not get to sleep til four in the morning, you can get carried away with patchwork fever can't you.

Good thing I don't have any appointments or important meetings.


mamaspark said...

Faith...send me an email so I can send you the JOL stuff = )

Sweet P said...

How awful to have sore ribs. I know how much that can hurt. Your lap quilt is beautiful. Great job on it. I hope the postal strike doesn't last too long.