Thursday, 11 October 2007

Paper Kingdom

Paper templates for the lap quilt had run out, so I took delight in ripping pages out of my old notebook and dairies to use.I had spent hours after hours cutting the templates and cutting material. This was all good therapy for me as now and again I do suffer from depression. Keeping busy and getting motivated with my patchwork and quilting really helps me.After tea the fun really started when I started stitching the shapes together and matching the colours. I love this, you can feel the whole project slowly coming together when this happens and to me this is addictive. Once I start stitching and really enjoying it, I can't put it down, i can't stop.Alice and Scratch will sigh.....
"Oh no, this means a little bit longer for our tea and walkies!"When I am up and down with depression I sometimes get up in the middle of the night and have to do something then go back to bed.Last night when suddenly I felt jolted wide awake at 3am I just ironed some fat quarters that I had hand washed the other day and put the telly on. There was no worry about sound coming from the telly as the sound has broken waiting to be fixed. I watched the subtitles for the deaf if anything interesting is on. i cannot fully follow sign language as the fairy in the corner of the telly ( the interpreter) is so damn small I cant see, but in a few weeks all this will change as Jim is going to swap his bigger telly for mine.Usually the telly is switched on just for background company's bit like a radio, scratch and Alice like the telly, it makes them feel cosy and at home.Alice did get moaned at as when she plunged on the satee in a huff, all the pins went flying in all direction. I have a rag rug on the floor, so it took me ages to pick all the pins up.Alice stomped to the basket that Scratch was laying in and squashed down besides her and hid her face, all I said was
"Oh Alice!" she is very sensitive, I don't have to raise my voice she always knows when she done something she shouldn't have and sometimes I haven't even said a word, maybe she read my mind. The girls still follow me where ever I go, if I come to the bedroom to type on this computer, they follow me.If I go to the kitchen, they are my shadow there again.I don't mind one bit, I love them to bits and when I go somewhere else and they are not there on the floor looking at me with them big brown eyes I miss them.


mamaspark said...

I love the dog photo!! She is naughty, but adorable! I am working on that JOL pattern and should have something for you soon = )

Colleen Eskridge said...

Hey Faith, just read about you cutting out the paper templates...have you ever considered cutting them using an old rotary cutter....or a box knife/opener through several layers at a time. I just cut about 60 paper patterns for strip piecing...using my blade cutter...and a quilt ruler. It goes pretty quick when You can cut 5 at a time. Hope your chest gets better soon. Colleen