Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Raining Fat Quarters

I have been really busy working on my mum's lap quilt.

The girls woke me up about 5am to go out. They woke me out of a deep sleep. I cant even remember what the dream was about but it was deep and very detailed.

The girls shot out to the garden patch then flew back in again,the weather was starting to spot rain.Everywhere was pitch black so climbed into bed again.At nine am, I walked into my living room which at the moment is my patchwork studio then started cutting out the fabrics for the lap-quilt. I found cutting out the material very soothing.

Looking out the window the weather was now throwing it down with rain. Crikey, back to cutting out and sewing.Around midday it was decided that I really must nip to the patchwork and quilting shop, I wanted to cheer myself up.Delve into fabrics, spend and be naughty, only other quilters understand this special indulgence.

It's not chocolate, it's not wine but fabrics of fat quarters. It is my birthday next week so bought myself some fat quarters for my own birthday present hee hee.I got a phone call about the missing order which I was pleased about from an online patchwork site.

All the fabrics are safe and on the way.... "Phew!" thank goodness for that.I didn't want too many repeats of fabric in the lap quilt so now pleased that there will be a bit more of a variety.Two metres of fabric in batik have already been washed and dried ready to go into some fabric pieces tomorrow and i cant wait.I will be staying in tomorrow, just as well as my left leg is sore.I had badly broken my left leg when I was twenty one due to being knocked down by a car. Though now I am thirty six pain still throbs in my bones when I have been doing a little walking about.There were two charity shops that I had bought fabric from which I thought would come in handy for for patchwork.One was a gorgeous pale green lime silk blouse which would be perfect for applique leaves for the charity quilt in some closet.

Another was a skirt with Indian fabric with bits of gold in, again perfect for some patchwork pieces for the lap quilt idea.As soon as I got home, my head hit the pillow, I was shattered,but it was soon back to patchwork and stitching as soon As

i woke up.The picture included here is a picture of my mum when she did a flower arrangement at a conference centre about arts.This is who the lap quilt will be for a nice surprise.There is still alot of hard work to do but I'm determined it will get done.
These pictures are of my mum who im doing the lapquilt for.
Mum had been doing some flower arrangements for an art conference.

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