Monday, 8 October 2007

Dogs just love being stinky!!

As usual the dogs dragged me to the fields for their morning walk. Both Alice and Scratch were so excited sniffing out the ground for cats and squirrels galore. I saw the girls run like mad to a small wooded area on a slight slope and waited around for them for quite a few minutes to come back out again. Alice was looking rather smug with herself with a great big smile, tongues wagging, pant...... pant..... pant....

I had a sneaky feeling she had been up to something she should not have been just by looking at her. She has this don't I look good feel about her as she ran up to me.

"Cor..... What a stinker!" she had rolled in something disgusting some sort of fox pee or something.

"well?" says Alice, " Don't you like my Chanel dog perfume?" Alice looked so pleased with herself with this such a stinking smell.

"Just you wait til you get home!" remarks Nutbud.

"Uh...Oh..." scowls Alice, knowing what will come. Watering can time, with dog shampoo, lukewarm water and a public bath in the yard which Alice so hates.

Nutbud poured on the shampoo and lathered the foam round the neck while Jim poured the water from the watering can to rinse this stink all off. Scratch ran indoors as if to say

"I've been a good girl, you're not washing me!" then off she flies to her basket to escape the watering can.

When Alice was towelled dry with quite a few dirty looks. It was time for breakfast then back on with some quilting. I had been spending hours after hours cutting out fabric and paper piecing pieces towards mum's lap quilt. The strips are slowly growing.

I was quite cross this morning as the postmen were on strike. I had been expecting some fat quarters and some important letters to arrive in the post but I had enough fabrics to work with throughout the day and the evening.

Thankfully my chest is slowly getting better, I've got another three days of anti-biotics, so not long now.

I have included some pictures from the small walk in the park of the lovely autumn foliage.

I just love the autumn with the changing colours of the leaves and the cool crisp mornings when out with the dogs on the field. I am quite pleased with myself as Ive been working hard on the patchwork and nothing else.

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mamaspark said...

Makes me want to go for a walk in the autumn splendor! glad you are finally feeling better. How come there are no pictures of you making the needle fold cases for your mum?? i might like to try my hand at one of those!!