Saturday, 17 November 2007

Backing Cloth Almost Done

Backing Cloth

After spending days and even a few weeks, painting batik stars which felt never ending.

At last I managed to dye the rest of the cloth again. First I ironed the batik stars to fix it

in the cloth then dipped the cloth in cold water dye. I was a bit naughty I just put a whole lot

of dyes in all at once of Lilac, blue, purple and navy just to see what happens and I was pleased with the result. I would recommend Dylon batik dye as I was very happy with the result.

The arty batik paint is recommended only if you are actually painting the fabric with a light wash of very thin diluted procion dyes, acid dyes. I found that dipping in a cold dye bath alot of the artys batik wax even though after all that painting some did come out, but it didn't matter too much as I thought the backing cloth looked quite nice in the end.

I did have to rinse the cloth is Arty's wax remover solution last night, rinse in lots of cold water then iron it dry as recommended on the bottle. Everyone in Amadis house commented how they liked the backing cloth so I'm pleased with that.

Meanwhile I am still sewing the strips for the lap-quilt. I have had to put a plaster on my finger then put loads of micro pore tape of the top as I found that this was the only way I could quilt and use my middle finger without any sharp needles going through. I have tried endless thimbles but none seem to work with me, not even a leather bulky thimble in white.

My own method works best, sometimes I just put a little bit of cardboard under the micro pore tape just to make it a bit stronger if quilting long and hard for a while lol.

I will post some pictures of the backing cloth hope you will managed to see them and like them.

Sometimes I did thing of putting a little bit of glitter on just to make it a little bit more magical but I'm not sure yet. I'm going to wait til I get the whole of the front piece sewn together, and see.

This will take another few days.

The weather is certainly a lot colder now, I have had to wear several layers and wear a scarf which I made a while ago which is a fluffy one like bird's ruffled up feathers of turquoises and purples which I love. Over the Christmas and New Year period I will knit some more as knit one and pearl one is all I can do with knitting, I'm not a good knitter. I do prefer quilting, painting and pencil colour work.

Jack frost has been covering the grounds all white few quite a few nights which made me think gosh time is just flying by so quickly, out come my furry boots just to wear round the house while I'm quilting.

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