Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Strips Galore

Cor at last all the strips are sewn together by hand, it was a huge task and I have sore thumbs but it was worth it. All I have to do now is take the paper backing and tacking stitches out of the back and sew the backing cloth of stars together.

I must admit I am not looking forward to basting the three layers together but it has to be done.

There is a basting gun I can use which I may try, I have used the basting gun before on one of my bed quilts so that may save me the long task of hand basting the layers.

We have been getting rain everyday, on Sunday we had snow but the snow soon disapeared on Monday morning, it has been nippy and cold. Im thankful for my hiking boots and my furry boots that I wear around the house they keep my feet warm. My worktable for doing my patchwork and quilting is on tiled floors in the dining room. Tiled floors are a good thing for me as when I get excited with paints and dyes creative zest gets everywhere including Alice's nose.

I will quilt with my favourite thread which is the YLI threads. I do have hand quilting threads too which I stocked up on just before I came down here to Leicester.

After researching on the net I was delighted to of found a quilting and crafts shop in this area of Leics, they are having some quilt-marathon events next year and Ive told Jim I want to be there in all the fun and mayhem.

There are quite a few pieces of shapes left-over from this lap-quilt which is great, they can go towards a nice seat cushion for my work chair, in those moments when you just want to hand-stitch while watching a good dvd or programme on the telly but you dont want anything too bulky. This quilting Im so glad ive got back into again as it is really helping with my depression.

I have always suffered with depression really badly before Christmas as it's always a reminder when I got knocked down by a car in 1991 around this time of year.

No matter what people say, there's always that little dark reminder and you just have to work your way through it and keep busy. This quilting and patchwork has been fantastic and helping me to cope with getting through days, giving myself tasks and projects.

Well I had better get back to my sewing now take a look at my backing cloth and see how much I need to sew together.

Happy Quilting xxx


mamaspark said...

Oh Faith, it is just fabulous!! I love the backing cloth too. You are so brave, I've always wanted to try hand dying but it will have to wait for now. Glad the quilting is keeping your mind busy!!

Kim said...

I love it- how are you going to quilt it???