Sunday, 25 November 2007

Loughborough Quilt Show

Isn't the window magnificent both me and Jim looked in absolute awe at the stained glass windows
Some of the hand made aprons on sale at the crafts event they were about eighteen pounds each and more,
The wonder quilts inside the church and the wonderful quilters they are lovely ladies
On the Saturday there was the chance to go to a little quilt show held at the edge of the Leicester county in a small town of Loughborough. I was really excited about going as I had not been to any quilt event for a few years. The quilt show was held in All Saints Church by The Quorn Crafts Group. Everything I loved, the building, the quilts and crafts items and the ladies were really nice too selling quilts in aid of the Asthma Research charity. Jim has taken some wonderful pictures and over the next few days I will be posting pictures of this wonderful event with all their awesome quilts. I was really pleased to know that the quilt shop is not so far away in Loughborough which means should I need anything I know where to go now.

The evening was spent recording a new song in the studio and wow doesn't time fly.

With my lap quilt I have to sew the border with the sewing machine, then baste it.

Next week I am hoping to start hand quilting.

Have fun everyone seeing the wonderful photos.


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Bonnie said...

Just wandering through your blog! Thanks for the comment on mine! The quilt show in the church is amazing! Those stained glass And the quilts? All the better! :cD

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