Monday, 12 November 2007

Mulled Wine & Little Stitches

Mulled Wine & Little Stitches.

Now me and the girls are back down in Jim’s home named Amadis House,
I have been busy back on with my mum’s lap quilt. It’s one of those on going
Long projects, work a bit, rest a bit and back on with some more.
For quite a few days I had been painting stars still on the light blue cloth.
Theres still a lot more stars to paint with artys batik wax before the second
Cold water dye of lilac.
Ive made up my mind that I am going to start dye-ing more fabrics to use as
Material at ten pounds a metre is a bit sore on my finances at the moment as not
Very many pounds coins in my purse these days. When I can get pennies together
I will be making more of an effort to get white material to dye which I can get from
Asian shops at one pound sixty pence a metre which is perfect for dye-ing.
We were going to set off on an adventure of going to a car boot sale but Jim’s car started smoking away like crazy due to too much oil burning or something like that
So had to come home, and it’s back to painting batik stars.
There had been a couple of ideas to do a music track called QUILTAMANIA recording sounds from the sewing machine, scissors ect using a special sampler thing
On the computer I said I wanted to do a special track for all YOU quilting friends,
So the sound engineer is thinking about it.
Last night all of us sat in the studio while some of the music tracks were being mixed,
I took in my patchwork pieces to sew and a bottle of yummy mulled wine, as you can imagine only half a strip managed to get sewn otherwise Id of been sewing the strip to my t-shirt.
The Busker video is being mixed and hopefully soon I will be able to put a link on here to direct you to UTUBE so that you can see us singing and having fun and my girls saying
"Oh No Mummy!"
gosh it is Monday morning already the weekend has certainly just flown but its been good, Im just about to paint some more batik stars on the fabric now. When that patch have dried Ive to turn the fabric round so that I can work on the top half. Have fun everybody.
Here is a picture of the Studio cat Isis

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