Sunday, 9 December 2007

Hand-quilting and Rest

Finally after a few days of really bad headaches and dizzy spells that left me confined to bed
most of the time, I managed to get some tablets from the doctors which sorted out my head problem and dizzy spells. After about two days of rest and for the tablets to work, I managed to get down to some more hand-quilting on my mum's lap quilt.

There is still a lot of hand- quilting to do but slowly it is coming along. I keep saying to Jim is this looking amateurish? I've always got the "No darling.... it's looking great!"

I have already got an early Christmas box from my mum which is a second hand..... hand made

sewing box which has been lovingly hand-made and donated to a charity shop.

My mum bought this box...... knowing how much I would love this box and wow my mum is right. I will take some pictures in the next few days of my magical sewing box and some of my hand stitching on the lap top quilt.

There are other competitions in the quilting magazine that I would' nt mind having a go at then I say to myself maybe I am being a bit too ambitious there as I still learning so many things which I have not yet got the hang of. A lot of quilting competitions you have to buy vast quantities of material and include about fifty percent in the quilt top. That is okay if you have the pennies.

I will think about it, a quilter is never short of ideas.

The dogs are fine, Scratch seems to like licking the cold metal of the scissors when ever I lay them down and Alice enjoys accompanying Jim while he enters the crosswords in some magazine.

I hope everyone is having fun and not too snowed under with the Christmas coming up.

Happy quilting everyone.

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Lora Martin said...

Glad you've gotten something to help with your headaches, it is so hard to focus on anything creative when your head is pounding, isn't it?

Looking forward to the photos of the sewing basket.