Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Quilting Experiment

It has been a cold day all round. I took girls out for their walkies with their coats on.

We had quite a few glances as all of us wore red coats making us look like Santa's little helpers.

All we would of needed to make the full set would be a Santa hat and a sledge.

I'm showing you a picture of one of my Christmas presents which I had received from my mum, a beautiful sewing box which had been lovingly hand-made for someone but donated to a charity shop.

Well I will certainly cherish this box and look after it,and I'm sure who ever made this will appreciate that this lovely sewing box has come to a good home.

It weighs a ton, I have already put my quilting cottons and needles in,not forgetting the scissors.

I thought to myself I could do with making a really nice needle case, my own design, so rummaged through bits of material and ideas.

I found this little piece of batik cloth which I did a while a go on a batik painting course for the day.

I thought it would be fun to experiment and see what I could do with this image, so cut out some wadding, some cotton for the back and threaded some needles with my favourite YLI cotton. This is just an experiment but so far looking good. I pick this little piece to sew when I'm needing a break from the big lap quilt. I have been thinking about you all I will try and get round to all blogs an read and write them.

I'm cooking myself and the girls some ham in the oven and done some sprouts and some new potatoes in the steamer, I know my dogs will refuse sprouts and potatoes but certainly not the ham.


Kari & Kijsa said...

Thanks for stoppin by our blog! Love your are truly talented.

smiles, kari and kijsa

mamaspark said...

Faith, Your hand work is exquisit!! I love it. Mine sucks, I am so jealoous. All your stitches are so even.

sparkle jars said...

What a wonderful idea. Your stitches are beautiful. :-)Gayle