Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Chilly Mornings

I will try and get someone to take a photo of my ring, I tried with the camera but didn't understand the micro button digits to make it work so I will ask Jim and others if they can help.

Also I want to enclose some work on some really difficult three dimensional butterflies that I am working on.

For about two days I have been working on the right wing of a butterfly embroidering the wings with silk and Rayon. The first layer is gold organza and the layer behind is a double layer of water soluble film often used in fancy embroidery bits. This is my first time working with this so its a challenge and fun. The silk has been like gold to work with, a lovely feeling, it was expensive stuff from the embroidery shop. I'm hoping to get wing two completed then start on the applique heart for the cloth. I'm looking forward to doing the heart as the material is dyed in reds and pinks done in my own microwave and I have never had the chance to do blanket stitch or button hole stitch round a shape by hand on a quilt before. I love these new challenges.

It was very tiring doing the embroidery as there was such a lot of concentration involved.

I had to keep having a rest and walking away, taking the dogs out for ten minutes or just browsing over the road which has a shopping centre.

The mornings are still chilly, it takes me a while to get my hands warmed up then back on serious work with the butterflies.

The picture I have included here is my gorgeous great niece Felicity. She came up a few weeks ago with her dad who has just come back from Afghanistan with the armed services and hopefully wont have to go back for this year. I have seen and heard some dreadful stories of the situation out there, My nephew showed me some pictures and all what had to be done and me and Jim were not impressed being two old fashioned hippies, we hate violence and killing of animals just for the sake of it. A corporal killed a dog just because he felt like it, that it was giving the position away and that upset me, a bit sick if you ask me.

Anyway it was good to see little Felicity she now has a new baby sister called Natalia who was born just a few weeks ago. Little Felicity was feeling a little jealous so came on a little holiday to visit great grandma, and great auntie Faith.

Im noticing it's still cold so Im going to put my socks and hiking boots on, sometimes these are the only footware items that keep my feet warm when it's chilly.


Pat said...

Can hardly wait to see pix of the butterfly wings and hand-dyed hearts. Done in the microwave? That's a new technique to me! Hope the boots warmed up your feet...if it makes you feel better...I'm cold too and I live in Wisconsin, seems like spring has forgotten us here in the upper midwest of the states. Thanks for visiting :)

mamaspark said...

Jim to hurry up with the photos already!! Your niece is so cute, just like her auntie!!