Sunday, 2 March 2008

Back In quilt Studio

Hi All

At last I'm back on the net and back in my quilting mode here in Leicester in Amadis House.

I have managed to clear the table and working really hard on my latest project for a quilt competition based on the theme of birds and butterflies which is all secret til after the 11th of April. I'm working on wired butterflies at the moment and embroidering the wings which is all time consuming, I'm just going to crack on with the project as best as I can and see how much I get done til the about a week before the 11th. I have to take a photo around that time and send to the judges and see if I get accepted or not.

With today being Sunday me and Jim went to a car boot sale. As we got there rather late, everyone was just about to pack away except two old ladies with peculiar toys placed on a large sheet of plastic. I noticed a box with rings and the lady shouted.

"they are just toy rings love, I have some real ones here in the box"

I stepped further into the stall where the old lady was standing and there she showed me an old jewellery box of old rings. They were very nice and I picked up a gold ring of my favourite colour green stone in the middle and some crystal like stones round the outside. I asked her how much she wanted for this ring.

" twenty five love" in her quite bizarre accent.

I looked into my old black purse and only had a tenner, then called to Jim to only had another tenner.

" I'm afraid I only have twenty", I said back to the old lady.

"Oh go on then, you can have it love!"

So I am a proud owner of an old gold ring with a green stone in the middle which I'm wearing on my middle finger of the left hand. Lets hope this gives me lots of quilting inspiration.

I will pop to a jewellery store and get them to tell me more about this old ring to see if I can find out what the stones are. I'm hoping this is emerald as I love emerald stones. Who knows eh?

Happy Quilting to you all...... it is so good to be writing on the blogs again I have really missed doing this.



mamaspark said...

Faith!!!! I'm so happy you are back!!!! I got your wonderful letters and the photos. They are great. Your mum must love her quilt! I will email you tomorrow when I have more time. Sorry about not writing back. I will and send photos of the kitties too.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Well done, bargaining for such a lovely treasure. Welcome back!

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

I was sure you would post a picture of your new ring.