Thursday, 17 January 2008

More Rain Down The Drain

Brace yourself for more floods and wet weather says the weather forecast in England.

So while there has been the odd hour of mild weather and no rain I have been cutting back dead branches in the garden that didn't get chance to be cut back earlier.

I got a bit enthusiastic with my pruning shears so cut my middle left finger instead of the twigs which has left me out of quilting action for a bit longer grrrrr. I have a thick plaster and bandaging so I guess I have to be patient and wait for that to heal before I'm able to quilt and knit again.

i managed to pot three poppy plants that needed the roots soaking and replanting, my partner Jim helped too, replanting them then bringing them indoors to protect from the frost. I invested in a pair of bizarre brightly coloured wellingtons with the design of bun toppings, a hundred thousand topping bits I think they are called. I love the boots though I got odd glances from other people that's what quilters are for isn't it? to be different and unique.

They keep my feet dry as lately there are a lot of puddles and mud everywhere.

The snow may just come and surprise us yet.

I thought of a new name for Jim's second hand motor. With the car being a long lanky estate skoda, I nicknamed the car Scoobie Doo. Scoobie Doo has been sick not able to digest the petrol properly so Scoobie went to the garage for a few days, and thank goodness he's now better and able to come home. I've missed that car though I don't drive, lugging bags of shopping from one trolley to another ands lots of carrying and walking. Thank you God for Scoobie.
I also love brightly coloured parrots, I have uploaded a photo that Raj has taken when she went to a bird centre a few months ago... aren't they sweet?
I hope everyone else is having fun and not working too hard
Happy Quilting.


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Faith, So glad to have you at my blog. I don't quilt but my sister is a big time quilter. I gave her a quilting bag for all her supplies for Christmas. I hope you'll visit again. ~ Smiles ~ Lynn P.S. Sorry you cut your finger. Hope it's getting better.

Priscilla said...

Hi, Thank you for your lovley comments on my blog, your wellies sound amazing! I am quite new to gardening although last year, I planted lots of seeds indoor and they all came through! So my mums front garden looked wonderful.anyway, I bought myself some wellies, but they are just short like shoes.. Shiny green plastic with red and black flowers! They were so cute I wore them uner pants in summer! You will have to post a photo of the wellies..

Priscilla x

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Faith,
Thank you for stopping by my blog! You asked about chicken wire for mosiacs...I mosaic on solid surfaces, but there must be some books that might help you if you want to plaster over chicken wire and then mosiac....good luck!