Friday, 4 January 2008

Knit Knit Knit

I'm really missing hand quilting but I cant put my dad's scarf down til I have done another sixteen inches, well who knows I may have a break do a bit of hand quilting then go back to my knitting. Hand quilting and patchwork is still my number one favourite past time I am pleased to say, I only knit when I am forced to!!

The weather outside is not nice, we don't have snow buts lots and lots of icy cold heavy rain.

Scratch and Alice are glued on the satee. Other areas of the UK have had snow this morning but washed away by the heavy rain, I would imagine quite a few children were disappointed when the rain came to wash the snow into sludge.

I still prefer sunshine I have had to put daylight bulbs into a lamp to give me a bit of light and a bit of an uplift. So far I have been keeping my depression at bay but when the weather is wet miserable with grey skies, cold and when I have not been quilting for a few days then I am miserable. I hope everyone else is having quilting fun, I am certainly dreaming about my next future quilts to start for this year, and projects that need doing. I have enclosed a picture of a craft fayre that I did for Christmas 2006 I had to wear a Victorian outfit and demonstrate rug hooking with my hand made, own designed rugs in the background.
Sadly I didn't sell any rugs and it cost a fortune to hire a stall but it was good experience and something for everyone to remember seeing a rug hooker at work here. I have since got addicted to quilting, and if I ever had a stall again, I would combine both rug hooking and quilts on the same stall as well as my own hand-made cards. I now just make rugs and quilts for Friends and hope to do quilts for charity in the future, especially quilts to raise money for dog rescue places that have lurchers like mine.

Will write again tomorrow, take care everyone.

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Priscilla said...

Hi, You look to be having fun in the costume, I love period recreations. I always wanted to visit the ones around the uk that show past skills and some food ect from the 1600s, unfortunately I have never been but hope too in the future. Sorry you didn't do very well at the stall though, at least you enjoyed the experience....

Priscilla x