Thursday, 13 March 2008

Colds and Silver Stitches

Colds and Silver Stitches

I have not been able to do much stitching for the last three days as I had a yucky cold, where I just could not concentrate on much stitching, or anything. Instead I just took
Myself to bed with a hot water bottle and some lemon lemsip.
Thankfully today this rotten cold does not feel as bad but it’s still there.
I managed to continue stitching one one silver butterfly wing with silver
Multicoloured DMC thread, this is the first wing. After stitching round the edges
The paper covered wire will have to be bent to the vein pattern for the middle of the wings. Some small metal pliers have come to light out of my craft box, I'm pleased about that as it’s quite fiddly trying to bend to the wing pattern which I have drawn out.
I'm needing a lot of butterflies and birds for this picture quilt, so a lot of hours have been spent on the net researching pictures of birds and butterflies which has been fun.
Seeing the beautiful birds and butterflies has opened up my zest for painting again, so ordered some watercolour paper and a watercolour paper stretcher board.
I feel guilty but what the hell, it’s all creativity.
For the last two nights we watched some DVDS, the first one was called “The Golden Age” about Queen Elizabeth the First, which was good to watch but the annoying thing is, I could not enjoy this as much as nothing was subtitled. Last night we put on the Gustav Klimt DVD and it was a very poorly done film, we could not follow the story line or understand what it was about though everyone did speak English.
This was some very warped contemporary film made in Europe and I am so glad that I did not have to buy this DVD, that it was just a rent film. I'm still a fan of Gustav Klimt artwork with all the patterns, textures shapes and the wonderful colours.
The weather is still cold. For two hours in the morning the sun will shine then for the rest of the day the sky will turn grey, quite typical for March weather.
Monday and Tuesday the south of England had bad storms with gale force winds and rain, but thankfully we did not have the weather as bad though we did get some strong wings. I'm going to ask for help with my butterflies and see if Rachel (Jim’s lass)
Will help with some wire bending and cutting out fabric that would be such a big help. I have put a favourite picture of a wizard here to make everyone smile, I love wizards. Have fun everyone and keep warm.

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Greenmare said...

your butterflies are going to be so lovely, take care and rest so you can get rid of that cold!