Friday, 14 March 2008

One Silver Wing

My dear Jim has kindly taken some photos again to keep you all updated on my project.

Here you can see a bit more of the butterfly wing. It takes absolutely ages sewing round the wire with specialized metallic thread but I think its worth it though if feels like I'm forever sewing them. My cold is still bad going onto the chest. I did have to spend a few hours in bed midday as I felt a little rough but the butterfly wing kept playing on my mind so decided to get up and get sewing again. I'm deciding whether to do metallic french knots nearer to the tips of the wing or just to leave it plain making the wings look translucent. I have drawn round the shapes of two more paper birds waiting to be cut out and used as a template for applique.

I do hope no one else has got a rotten cold like I have. Its never a simple cold with me, I always get bad Sinus problems in my face, bad chest and asthma when the cold kicks in.

Scratch and Alice has been helping me laying next to me while I do the hand stitching round the wings.

I miss going into the magazine stores to look and buy loads of quilting magazines, but I keep reminding myself and that I have enough projects to get on with for now.

Mum is still hugging the hand mad lap quilt that me and Jim gave her a few weeks ago, and that gives me such a good feeling knowing that one of my quilts is helping to make someone feel so much better.

I had better go now get back to stitching take great care and I will be looking round every ones blogs soon



Priscilla said...

Hi, Such detailed work you are doing with the wings! I hope you feel better soon, I also never just get a cold, it affects my sinus and chest quite bad, I really feel for you, sending you healing wishes, thank you for your lovely comments on the panto photos you made me simle about breaking a leg, as in our last play one of the cast did! she had to be replaced...... lucky the panto went ahead with no probs! See you again soon and look forward to watching your project

Priscilla x

Lora Martin said...

These butterfly wings are gorgeous! What joy they must be for you to work on. Hope you are feeling better soon - one of the things I do when I get a cold to keep it out of my sinuses is to use a nasal rinse called Al-ka-lol. Wonder if it is available in the U.K.

mamaspark said...

Those wings are beautiful! Your hand stitching is so wonderful! I hope you feel better soon! It just sucks to be sick.