Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Here Comes The Sun

As well as my fiddly birds and butterfly picture quilt that I am working on. I'm also doing the odd paintings to put in my collection for the ebay sales when I get about ten to fifteen paintings together. This is just sun number one done in watercolours. I have not painted with watercolours for a while so it was nice to get back into again and wow there is still so much to learn about and techniques I have to remind myself (now how did I do that?).

I have finished sewing on the silver wing of one side, all the tatty bits of silver needs trimming down on the back, round the wings need cutting down then the water soluble backing soaked in water for a bit. Surprisingly I used all the bundle of silver thread just for one wing as sewing with metallic thread bits kept breaking. So the method was thread a fresh needle when breaks start again and get a new thread. I remember Trish my sewing teacher and favourite quilt shop owner telling me that metallic threads do tend to break easy and very hard to work with, how so right she is. I will be popping into Leicester town to get some metallic thread, for the other side of the wing. I still have the cold but as you know they take ages to go away.

The sun is shining into the living room which is fantastic I always love the warm sun rays when the sun decides to show itself, this often helps me to sew and paint in natural light and fight away the cobwebs of depression.

I have ordered a book on Lesley Anne Ivory cats with astrology signs for inspiration and ideas to get painting again, she is one of my favourite artists incorporating cats and quilts and other wonderful subjects. If you have really good photographs of pets on quilts and don't mind me having a go at painting and drawing them please send the photos to me and Ill see what I can do.

I need new pictures to work from and give me ideas.

I hope everyone is still having quilting fun and that the weather is warming up sending away the frost.


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mamaspark said...

I sent you a TON of photos but promise to try to take some more artistic ones or go through the ones on my home computer as there are a lot more there. Hope some of the ones I sent work for you.