Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Upon Silver

Notice tiny running stitches at the tips of the wings to try and show fragile-ness of the wings, I found this better than actually sewing beads on the tips.

Here I have taken so photos of the work so far on the wings,

I have cut round the wings then trimmed the back.

I was very please how the wire allows me to bend the wings how

I want which means the wings will be three dimensional on the picture quilt.

Silver wing one after being trimmed and neatened at the back then went into a container of water to dissolve the backing water soluble fabric which is fantastic this also helps

to keep the stitches in place and stops them coming undone. Now its time to stitch on wing two and get the wire stitched in place called Couching in the sewing book. I'd be lost without that water soluble film it is fantastic and highly recommend it to everyone else who wants to do that little bit different technique in quilting. The middle photo is the back trimming neatly was a good thing to do as once the backing came away, looking at the organza made it look delicate and fragile which is superb just what I wanted magical almost see through wings.

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