Friday, 21 March 2008

Good friday Snow

The weather forecasters said it would get colder and some snow, how right they were but not enough snow for it to settle on the ground. My concern is for the newborn lambs out there where the weather is still a little bit harsh for them.

The household is quiet, either chums working or away visiting other dudes and dudettes.

Another watercolour, mixed media art is being worked on.

There was a really catching song I fell in love with called Lola but I had no idea what it was about or what the lyrics were saying due to being deaf, I had to chuckle when Jim told me, so around 3am when I was experimenting with shapes to see what would come through these images came through so strong and decided to work on them for fun and see what materialises.

Theres still a figure to be worked on in the background and a heart right at the forefront.

When this is completed I shall put this for sale on ebay. Stitching is still taking place on the butterfly wings but I wont bore you to tears with that. I have yet to show you Mr and Mrs Peacock and the birds that I'm working on.

Hope all of you are having fun and will have a lovely Easter weekend.


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