Friday, 28 March 2008

Some Me Me Time

Hello all of you, I have not forgotten you just been mega busy working on the living room.

There are quite a few jobs where it's time for the fellas to step in and do their bit so this evening went up to the bedroom and did some hand quilting on one of UFO projects I have.

I wanted to relax and do something where I did not need a table as with decorating, all tables are used up for storage space. It was a wonderful feeling hand quilting again, just why can't I make the effort to do a bit of hand quilting everyday? even if it's just an hour a day. It's amazing how you can get so busy with other things and forget the little pleasures (those little getaway moments). I have been drooling over unfinished quilt tops on eBay.

A new brochure came through the door this morning from the quilt shop on yummy fabrics, my goodness you would of thought I was looking at men the way I was drooling oohing and arrhhh ing and saying "wow look at that I want it, i want that fabric" with four dogs looking up at me and thinking just what is a matter with that woman?

I have enclosed some nice pictures of flowers Ive had in the window, we need cheering up don't we. The weather has been cold and raining for days on end.

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mamaspark said...

Sigh, I wish I liked to hand quilt. I am so terrible at it! Hope the LR gets done soon so you have more time for it. I also hope it warms up there too!