Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Hand Quilting Harmony

Hi all, Im just letting you know Im really making the effort hand-quilting, I found this so relaxing and enjoyable I just could not put this down once I picked up this UFO project. I found that I could switch off and forget about everything else during these blissful hand quilting moments.

I have included a picture here of Alice helping me here, I think its wonderful when pets give you their helping paws just by being on the quilt or near the quilt while sewing away. Thankfully this will be going on my own bed and not going to someone who is allergic to pets.

I have been really naughty purchasing an unfinished top from eBay based in UK, Its a small square of hand-stitched triangles of patchwork pieces, and daft if may sound, I felt sorry for this little piece and no one wanted to adopt this piece and finish this off so I put in a bid for just ten pounds. When I get this piece I think I will just build round the borders with triangles using lovely batik colours, I sure do have plenty of fabric to play around with, you can never have enough can you? always a good excuse to buy just a little bit more from the quilt shop hee hee.

Well I had better get back to my hand quilting now Scratch has just come down to fetch me...

"where are you mum?, get back to quilting"....... righty ooh Scratch I'm listening, even Alice has come to fetch me.

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mamaspark said...

If hand quilting is the "harmony" your piecing must be the "melody"!! It is lovely to see Alice *helping* you. I will email you later when I get a chance. Love to see the ebay top when you receive it.