Thursday, 3 April 2008

Rolling Rolling, Rolling!!

Those three words on the heading were exactly what Alice had in mind at one in the morning.

Arhhhh!!! We had to take the dogs out very late on the field as Jim was working over time and I was extra busy on my hand-quilting. Alice wanted stinky perfume to roll in, in the pitch black and rolling rolling rolling was certainly what she did in awful fox pee. It was ghastly and stank everywhere. Even Jim's own dog gasped and choked as soon as Alice entered the house.

Very late at night, it was far to late to bath the dog so the Alice had a good shower in the morning after a good telling off and being told to stay confined to her basket. She's recovered now and come out of her sulking stance.

I have taken some more pictures of the progress of hand-quilting which I'm really pleased with, when I can see the quilt project slowly grow, it's encouraging, it makes me want to quilt more.

My butterfly quilt is having a rest while I think some more what I want to do next, I felt I had to give this a break before I spoil it.

Still I cannot find the row of twelve log cabin squares already sewn together for the stars and moon project, later tonight I will raid some cupboards to see if they are in there.

There's no post today and the weather is rather grey and quite cold, another good excuse to hand quilt and stay indoors.

Also I have been thinking of ideas what to do when the new quilt middle comes.

The plain white triangles I fancy fabric painting to make the design more exciting, Ive to receive the item first, but this certainly won't be boring.

I wear tiny sticky rubber finger tabs while hand-quilting to help me grip the needle and stop myself from getting too sore fingers. I just cannot work with metal thimbles, I would be lost without these tabs. These are expensive but they are worth it.

Hope everyone is still finding quilting fun and inspiration.

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mamaspark said...

Your hand quilting is just fabulous!! Poor you for having to endure the stinky fox urine!! BAD DOG!! LOL