Sunday, 6 April 2008

Snow In April

What a surprise this morning when I woke up to snow everywhere especially in April.

I have taken some photos, there were some boys trying to make snowmen on the field.

With the glorious bright warm sunshine I don't think the snow will last long but golly it was cold walking across the field with the dogs. It was Scratch's turn to roll so when Jim gets home he has to help me to bath Scratch grrrrrrr! and gosh she really stinks, why is it they have to roll? gone are the cavemen days.

Last night me and Jim were writing a new song, it was fun but the time was getting really late and it was time to get to bed as Jim was working very early in the morning.

I'm still hand-quilting sticking on a false plastic nail has worked wonders on my first finger that was getting quite worn away with the needle. If the roads are OK I have to visit my flat to check things, I still don't know whether I'm stopping there or coming back here to Leicester, it depends what post I have when I get there, and what needs doing.

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