Friday, 18 April 2008

Poor Scratch

Picture Of Poor Scratch with her boken leg.

I have been so busy for the last few days running around after Scratch and worrying about her.

Unfortunately Scratch broke her leg, her right back leg dislocating the hock and breaking some bones. What a horrendous injury, she did this galloping at speed like a racehorse across the field, the next thing I knew she was limping, I thought it would be just a strain as she normally does this, but when she refused to put her leg down for about two days I thought that there was something seriously wrong here. I took Scratch to the vets and they xrayed the leg showing the horrendous injury. The vets operated putting in wires and plates and hopefully Scratch will start to be on the mend now. She has one huge bandage on, I have to take her back next Wednesday to get the dressing changed and to get the leg checked over. Not expecting these things to happen the butterfly project is still in Leicester. No worries though I have already started working on some log-cabin cot quilts to cheer myself up with bright batik colours.

My niece is due for her first baby in two months time, so I'm busy on this, and also there are two other little girls waiting for their cot quilts, my nephew's two little girls, thank goodness for quilts to keep you going.

Jim has just set up the computer in my flat so that I can keep writing on this blog daily.

Hopefully the pictures will upload, take care all of you.

Faith Scratch and Alice xxx

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mamaspark said...

Poor Scratch (and all of her support personnel!)Hope she is on the mend quickly! I'm glad you have the computer, "Thanks, Jim"! so you can keep us updated on her progress.