Friday, 25 April 2008

Scratch Update

I'm letting you all know how things are. Scratch is slowly on the mend I am pleased to say. She still is not allowed to go out for walkies and exercise and not allowed on the stairs at all so decided to come back to Leicester as Jim and nephew Jason can help to carry Scratch up the stairs at night when bedtime. I found the carrying very hard on my own and it was starting to hurt my already damaged shoulder and arm from a serious road accident in 1991.

I have to keep a close eye on Scratch to make sure that she is resting and not bouncing around and eating. All the dogs have been getting spoilt with salmon, scrambled eggs once a day. This is costing a fortune but its important to keep my dogs happy.

I purchased a soft bed for Scratch from the pet store for Scratch to be more comfortable though she does crawl onto the satee still when I am not looking, then Alice will then crawl into the new basket taking it in turns to keep the bed warm, they do make me laugh.

I'm still kept very busy with quilting.

There are two charity quilts that I am working on, I have been working on an off on these UFO charity quilts for a while, as the projects are so long and huge I have been doing a bit as a time so that the projects are not too tiring. Some applique leaves have been cut out of some pale green silk blouse, rescued from the scrap bag at the charity shop. There has been fun times with a new gadget I bought a few days ago from Hobby crafts, a clover metal binding maker.

I have been seeing this gadget for quite a while in quilting magazines and catalogues and for quite a while I have been thinking to myself I would like to have one of these to play around with and wow they are fabulous, I'm addicted to making applique stems. I don't have any pictures to show you at the moment but I will take some pictures over the weekend to show what I am doing.

The other charity quilt is a bright coloured log cabin top that I have been experimenting around with. When the nights were really bad, not being able to sleep and poor Scratch being in pain, I doodled some Ideas at the back of my diary so the little project just grew and grew, and using scraps and ideas of the rainbow colours, was very pleased with the results.

I am really thinking about Pam in Paducah and with Pam in spirit round the wonderful quilt shops and fayres (mamma's-park) my purse would take a severe bashing if I was round there hee hee, it does anyway lurking around wonderful fabrics. To cheer myself up, I purchased a metre of pale lemon and some sort of marbled black to go towards the charity quilt, along with some rainbow ribbons to include in some of the log cabin corners which I have not done before, this will be another experiment.

I'm going to include a picture which I just love, I didn't paint this picture but I love the watercolour, this makes me smile and reminds me of my lovely lurchers, I hope all of you are having quilting fun. I now have to drag out the ironing board and draw round the curvy shapes round one hem of the quilt top to roughly tack on the applique stems. I'm still very tired so everything is done at a very slow pace.

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mamaspark said...

HI Faith, I'm home!! It is funny that you were thinking about me when you have so much else to do!! Thanks. I hope it was inspiring. I will be posting soon, but first putting the house right, lacrosse business and of course laundry and taking photos of all that I bought. You *need* to come with me sometime to Paducah. I feel like such an beginner when I see all the beautiful quilts there. There is a store with LOTS of fabric too called Handcocks of Paducah. In the back room they have tons of good quality quilting fabrics for half price!!! ($4.99/yard) Photos soon, I promise. I will email you later when I have more time too. Do you know where they sell more time? laugh!!