Monday, 26 May 2008

Other Charity Quilt

Here I am showing a picture of my other charity quilt that I am working on. Later on when Rachel gets up and able to dog sit for me I will get the sewing machine out and do some more blocks mainly stripes all the rainbow colours to go round the edge.
So while I am dog sitting and dog watching making sure that Scratch does not keep licking her stitches I am button hole stitching round the leaves of the blue quilt top.
Theres still a long way to go but it will be worth it.
Scratch is slowly on the mend, she wolfed down her salmon last night where the night before I Had to hand feed her. Scratch just want to lick her stitches they may start to feel a little itchy now.
I was pleased that I was able to manage to outline the red heart with tiny cross stitches to secure the heart in place, this also gave me a thought that if I do applique work in the future I could use the same method of tiny cross stitches instead of tedious button hole stitches, its nice to know you can use different techniques. I don’t have the luxury of a posh sewing machine to sew round the edges, I'm not that confident yet.
Who knows when I get more confident…. I may enter a quilt competition and win a machine, oh that’s quite a way down the line hee hee. On this charity quilt this is just the small middle bit.

Im hoping to ad rainbow colours all round this middle bit and just see how everything progresses.

I have made a rough sketch in the back of the diary and keep taking it in turns on two different quilts. You will also see the delicate stitching Im having to do on each leaf on the blue quilt all very time consuming but its something I can do while dog sitting Scratch.

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mamaspark said...

Poor ole Scratch! My heart goes out to her and to you. Is she able to get up and hobble outside to use the bathroom yet or are you carrying her?
Your leaves look great. I don't think you need any fancy machine, your stitches are fab!!