Wednesday, 28 May 2008

My Poor Baby

My poor baby Scratch was whinging and not too happy so there was no afternoon nap for me, instead I had to bring down some pillows and quilt coverlet and lay next to Scratch in her basket. I have been spending hours after hours sewing round them leaves, there is still a long way to go, three sides of a queen sized quilt top to go.
I have enclosed a picture of the arbour when we do get some fine weather we are going to paint it sort of a cornflower blue, but that is when Scratch gets a little better as you can’t leave her long with her wanting to lick her stitches.
Jim is calling in the pet shop to get a muzzle for her so that she doesn’t keep licking her stitches, we have tried the surgical funnel collar but Scratch is so good at getting out of it and can still bend like a gymnast with this darn thing on.
Scratch went to the vets for her check up and so far the vet is happy with her.
The vet gave her a painkiller injection which helped her for a few hours.
During the night a storm passed through and Scratch went hopping mad, she hates storms, I never heard or felt the thunder it was only when Jim had to get up and comfort Scratch, then shut the window did I realise there was a bad storm outside.
When sewing hour after hour hand stitching round the leaves I often thought of Queen Mary of Scots how she spent hour after hour sewing in her prison of a room.
I will try and find some pictures of her needlework, her work really is an inspiration.
Its good to look at historic needlework and get ideas. My other favourite form of needlework from the past are the Durham Quilting quilts, plain but wonderfully hand quilted with intricate patterns.
Did the muzzle work, no we were so tired me and Jim we thought it was better just to leave Scratch to it.

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