Friday, 30 May 2008

Tam On The Run

I have included a picture of Tam in this post, she is Jim’s dog and she really
Took me for a run in the morning when she escaped through the baby gate and out through the front door while I was tending to Scratch to try and will her to go to the toilet. The weather was gloriously warm and sunny and thankfully I just had my sandals on tshirt and old jogging bottoms already when Tammy decided to do the great escape act.
Instead of turning left to her usual escape route towards a small housing estate and fields, she turned right towards the main road and the main shopping centre
“oh no….!” I yelled but I ran and just followed her to keep an eye on her even though no way could I catch up with her. She was just running down the main road in between cars and other vehicles and ran for quite a while, my heart was in my mouth pounding away. I have chased dogs and horses that have escaped in the past but never an akita flying down the mainroad dodging in and out of cars.
Thankfully she decided to run on some verges then into a carpark of a large police-station, this made me even more nervous with cops around but thankfully there was just me and Tam quite red faced im beginning look now with all this running.
All round the car park were some low fencing and think by now Tam decided the game was up trapped between cars, I pretended I was making a fuss of her then she came to me, then hurrah I managed to get the old dog lead round her neck. I was absolutely shattered and puffing away and felt like jelly to be honest with you.
The police women just smiled at me in amusement, it must of looked quite a sight watching a flustered woman trying to catch a damn dog.
Anyway one the leather lead was round her neck and my….. didn’t I feel like strangling the damn thing!! It felt like a long walk back, it then it hit me just how far she had ran, me feet hurt and I was feeling like an old woman.
When I got back it was time for a nibble of emergency chocolate (any excuse) hee hee to try and stop my wobbly legs and the shakes a little. Dogs eh…
Scratch is doing really well she has been resting and looking better, shes been in her basket all day bless her being really good. I had to take some flowers round to the neighbour for her doing what she shouldn’t of done on next doors garden.
I got quite a mouthful which quite rightly so…..but in the pitch dark last night I couldn’t see where she did her toilet duties. All is OK with the neighbour now she was pleased with the flowers and Ive told Scratch no more running to next doors garden.From now one she will be kept on her lead at all time.

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