Friday, 6 June 2008

Rainbow Blocks

Rainbow Blocks

These rainbow blocks in progress are towards Scratch’s charity quilt, I'm really enjoying working on this project as I love working with rainbow colours and this quilt is dedicated to a very special dog Scratch whom I will be raising money for (this-quilt), towards the vets bills. I'm glad I have written notes down and a rough diagram at the back of notebook as I was trying to figure out why the stripy sides are short but looking at the diagram I need to do another block added on which will be pinks going into reds. Rachel has drawn me a shape of a dog like scratch to work on some applique blocks next, of course I will upload some photos and let you know how the project progresses throughout the whole quilt-making journey. I have been really busy, if I am not in the garden I'm working on the quilt.
Scratch is doing OK though she is finding going to her walkies very hard work.
When I let her off the lead she shoots down to the bottom of the field where here favourite medicated grass is to nibble at. I don’t know what she has to nibble this particular patch of grass but every time she gets on this field it’s the first place where she hobbles to, then when it’s time to come back, shes so tired, she ambles back slowly.
I'm so grateful to have her back Alice is too, so glad to have her walking mate next to her.

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mamaspark said...

Beautiful colors, Faith. I can't wait to see the progress!!