Friday, 25 July 2008

Hot Days And Painting

Sleepy cat has been drawn on.
Now Sleepy cat is being what you call blocked in with acrylics please bear with me, I have not painted for a very long time!!

Is a Hot Day!

Phew the weather is very hot today. This morning I went to Leicester town to look for a pattern for my coat idea. We ended up choosing a Kimono style coat as Jim liked it and it was simple so hope the whole projects works out.
The steroids has put on stones of weight eeek so had to buy some shorts from the big ladies shop and mope my head at the horrible sight in the mirror.
You may think well what do you expect when you see these flapjacks oozing with chocolate and cherries but I have been very good I have not had one and they are really Jims early birthday flapjacks hee hee.
I got some more boxes so look wait and watch what they may become, they maybe
Will come for YOU!!
You can see I have painted the white on both trays, Ive got to paint the back of the trays now. I have been studying lots of images and pictures on the net for ideas.
The printer has run out of ink(cough) someone else used all the inks up!! It happens, happens when there are other young uns about we just cant afford to buy the full set at 30 pounds to 40 pounds a set of colours, so we are waiting for a shop to open later in August as the owners have gone away on holiday. These boffins fill the cartridges of inks up for you.
So I will be sitting in front of the computer, with the trays or boxes paints and paintbrushes and painting from the screen lol well I have never done that before so its something new. Lol
You will also see a picture of the oldest dog in the dog clan of our four dogs.
He is Sam the old sheepdog who used to be a support dog for his mummy who was disabled before she died. So Jim took over being his master about three years ago.
I call him womble as he woofs for his dinner every 11 o’clock and never fails.
Hes a bit slow on his legs so cannot go for long runs with the hounds.
I have taken womble out once or twice and took me hours to get home as he went on strike in the middle of the field and would not shift so that episode doesn’t get the chance to happen these days. Womble needs a mega skateboard so that he can stand or sit on it, then can just wheel him along.
Rachel has gone to Nans and Jim is just on his way to work so Ill be busy doing my crafts.
I hope everyone is having quilting fun.

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mamaspark said...

OK, so explain to us in the US what is a "flap jack"? Here it is like a pancake that one usually eats for breakfast and these look like cakes. I'm so confused!!