Thursday, 24 July 2008

Surprise Surprise

Well what a wonderful morning the postman knocked on the door and there came the wonderful packet from Pat at wow I didn't know anything about it. So thank you Pat its great and thanks to Pam too I have included a picture what Pam sent me too.

Both packets have given me big smiles and loads of inspiration to get on with things and other ideas. Also it had made me smile knowing that I have some lovely warm caring quilting Friends that mean so much to me and understand everything about the quilting jargon.

Pam sent me a booklet about the Shipshewanna Blessings Quilt and wooo its gorgeous this has been my bedtime reading even Jim could not get my attention my head was so in the book!!

There were two antique nine patch squares wow so lovely, some cotton from Pam's Long Arm Quilter Friend, the little pile of fat quarters in the Amish colours, woo the card.

Wonderful Pat has sent me another gorgeous card gosh I cannot wait to get my paintbrushes out they are making want to paint and quilt Jim will think I don't love him anymore (only joking).

I got a lovely notepad, perfect I'm always writing notes down from the blogs. Some more yummy cottons,gorgeous bright fat quarters, look how they even match the backing cloth on the table, yum yum!!!the quilting needles they are a godsend as I'm always losing them,and wooo another gorgeous card by Jim Shore. Let me tell you Jim Shore and Rebecca Barker are both some of my favourite artists and whoooo so inspiring.

I'm going to be showing you a step by step demonstration on lucky prezzies that I'm making for some of the lucky bloggers on here if you watch very carefully you may catch something being done in crafts that you recognise it's you. So I have been studying my wonderful bloggers Friends and all the wonderful quilts that they have and the blog page.

The two wooden trays here were rescued from going in the skip I have rubbed them down so that the paint will paint on better. I am going to give them one or two layers of white acrylic depending on how the paint will cover. So watch and enjoy. I have been cooking flapjacks, I have not cooked these for years and years in fact before I moved in with Jim I was on my own for quite some time so never bothered cooking.

Have quilting fun everybody.

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